Tuesday, 19 May 2020

T/A economics welcomes Tine Slaedts as partner

T/A economics is proud to announce Tine Slaedts joining as a partner. Tine brings a wealth of experience (+23 years) to the team.

Tine Slaedts started her career at the Belgian ministry of finance as a tax inspector, and subsequently went into consulting at the Big4. Most of the T/A economics team members have worked together with Tine at EY Belgium, where she helped managing the transfer pricing practice in Belgium and also in South Africa for some time in a stint of almost 12 years. As from April 2013, until recently, she has been responsible for building the transfer pricing practice and team at BDO. 

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Andy Neuteleers, founding partner of T/A economics: “With Tine we are not only able to bring in vast experience in transfer pricing, but more importantly her expertise that is complementary to that we have been building up so far. In the past years we have been focusing on, and are recognized in the market for, our capabilities of complex problem solving on a rather ad hoc project basis in niche areas of transfer pricing and valuations, such as financial transactions, restructurings, and disputes resolution (where we successfully team up with the procedural team of Tiberghien, our network partner). Tine brings in the competencies to run our international and continuous transfer pricing engagements more effectively, focusing on transfer pricing policy design, efficient compliance and documentation, as well as dispute resolution (MAP/CA). She has experience with large and small projects, in a range of industries. Additionally, Tine will focus on assisting clients with sustainably benefitting of the Belgian innovation regime. Being an ‘old acquaintance’ of many of us, we are extremely happy for Tine to join, and together setting the next step for T/A economics.” 

Koen Morbée, Tiberghien, tax lawyers – the network partner of T/A economics: “Our privileged relation with T/A economics ensures that we can seamlessly integrate sound economics into our legal advices. The addition of Tine Slaedts to the T/A economics team also for us is an important step to further strengthen our practice in international tax advisory. Our ambition remains to be a leading tax firm on the Belgian market. The unprecedented growth of both Tiberghien and T/A economics during the last years shows the success of their collaboration.  With Tine joining T/A economics, we are convinced that more is to come.”  

Wim Wuyts, CEO of WTS Global: “At WTS Global we are happy to see our member firms attracting highly experienced people to bring incremental insights to our international client base. We warmly welcome Tine to our global community of seasoned tax professionals.

Last but not least, Tine herself is looking forward to her new role: “I am very excited to join the T/A economics team where trust, enthusiasm and commitment are key drivers. I strongly believe that blending the expertise of T/A economics, the growing international practice of WTS Global and the expertise of Tiberghien provides better customer outcomes.”

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T/A economics is an economist boutique focusing on transfer pricing consultancy, as well as valuations, business modelling and legal economics (economic analyses in support of juridical issues). T/A economics and Tiberghien tax lawyers are network partners and share their expertise and combine tax legal with economical insights. They both are member firms of WTS Global for Belgium and Luxembourg.

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