Monday, 12 October 2015

TIVALOR: A new challenger on the market of business and legal economics consulting

TIVALOR: A new challenger on the market of business and legal economics consulting

We are pleased to announce the launch of TIVALOR, a new professional service offering in the fields of Business & Legal Economics, focusing on Transfer Pricing, Valuations, Business Modeling and Legal Economics. TIVALOR is a joint venture between tax law firm Tiberghien and Andy Neuteleers, a seasoned transfer pricing and valuation professional. The creation of TIVALOR follows closely on the recent developments at G20/OECD and EC-level to alter the rules in international taxation drastically, leading to an ‘economization’ of the fiscal profession.

In close collaboration with Tiberghien, TIVALOR will offer solutions that integrate financial-economic with tax legal and procedural expertise. Yet, TIVALOR will operate a distinct business model independent of Tiberghien, given deontological considerations, but also considering its unique business operations that go beyond taxation issues.

TIVALOR has the goal to provide a true alternative for the current professional services industry’s Push As Much As You Can - model, and therefore has developed its own distinct and measurable service approach enabling their clients to grow into a self-sustaining, lean and agile solution manager, where TIVALOR people can focus on what they truly are passionate about: being the coach of businesses and of people in business. TIVALOR’s mission is to inspire businesses and their people, seeking to bring them professional and personal HAPPINESS and COMFORT, creating EXPERIENCES enabling them to STAND OUT.

TIVALOR’s main office is at Tour & Taxis Brussels, but will also be able to meet in Antwerp and Luxembourg, in collaboration with Tiberghien. TIVALOR will be aligned with the global WTS network, headquartered in Munich and with presence in over 100 countries.

TIVALOR today has 4 dedicated professionals available, but has the ambition to grow to 12 professionals within the time frame of 2.5 years.