TP SWOT Review


Our value proposition:

  • Independent review based on readily available information (information gap analysis being part of our assessment) and limited further fact-finding workshops
  • Subject matter can be the overall working of the internal TP function and/or the full company’s TP policy or any specific subject matter -Fixed budget, agreed upfront, depending on scope and complexity, however in any case limited considering our Lean experience-based approach
  • Clear and quantified conclusions on risk and opportunities
  • Tangible deliverable that can be used for various purposes – e.g. internal assessment, shareholder information, auditor’s consent, etc. (not a legal opinion)
  • Executive-style management report with insightful recommendations, but only when required (not a selling tool, but a real deliverable)


Our 4C²s:


Listening, and asking the right questions
Detecting and solving for information gaps
Deep knowledge on TP regulations
Acquaintance with enterprise process control frameworks
Analytical thinking and financial modeling
Experience-based quantification


Project management
Wealth of intelligence on TP Regulations and administrative practices
Fuzzy logic
Risk and opportunity quantification models
Lean consulting and reporting


Experienced TP professionals
Global reach


Experience in reaching shared views over conclusions with variety of stakeholders